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Selected Work

image with link to behance for project called mending presence

Mending Presence

Museums are, by nature, colonial institutions. The public museum emerged in the 16th century as the private collections of colonists became acquired or confiscated or donated, but museums are important. They are the places that are most primed to become thriving arenas of public discourse, collaboration, and meeting.If we look at museum architecture with a decolonial lens, we can design meaningful interventions that pragmatically combat the colonial legacy of museums.

image for link to behance, architectural design concept

Concept: Health Center

A concept for a new school of Global Public Health to convene leaders and scholars who will tackle some of the most important and challenging health threats. The design plays with  ‘futurism’ as rooted in the past; at once forward facing and modern, yet rooted in the body, central. Playing with themes of nature, and community as equally valid forms of health-making as medicine.

link to behance project, photography exhibit called unity in color

Unity in Color

Unity in Color is a global photography series in support of women’s equality founded by Jasmine Solano. These photography and video works were on display in the Lamont Gallery in Exeter, NH, as part of the Critical joy exhibit in 2020.



MFA Boston Drops Second French Impressionist NFT Collection

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is set to launch its second NFT collection of rarely exhibited French pastels from the 19th century.

image link to article on jing culture and crypto. the article is called "CyberPowWow: Honoring An Indigenous Created Cyberspace"

CyberPowWow: Honoring An Indigenous Created Cyberspace

Arts NGO and new media platform Rhizome has announced the presentation of CyberPowWow, an “aboriginally determined territory in cyberspace."

image that links to a news piece

JCC Book Byte: Radical Friends, DAOs and the Arts

Radical Friends has consolidated eight years of research into a toolkit for radical care and connectivity in the art industry.

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