Facebook Marketplace Case Study

A design mockup/intervention created for Meta University's mini design project for Facebook Marketplace prior to 2022 internship placements at Meta (Facebook).

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Facebook Marketplace Case Study

Meta University is an immersive ten-week paid internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Meta’s people, products and services. The program was designed to provide technical skill development and professional work experience

This mini design project was completed during the first 2 of the 10 weeks as a Product Design Intern at Meta (Facebook). This project asked us to consider how we could get people to donate more on Facebook Marketplace. Along with sketches, hi-fi/lo-fi mockups and prototypes of our intervention, we also made presentations.

I firstly did research about why people donate, using these findings to inform the design intervention I would ultimately make on the existing Facebook Fundraiser page. As trust fosters giving, my design intervention centered around how one could create more trust on Facebook Fundraiser.

Below, you can find the final presentation for the mini design project.

The other work I completed at Meta for the Avatar Design Team is under an NDA, so I can't post it here. However, if you're a recruiter or interested in this work, you can contact me directly to see it.

Meta University Final Presentation