Crit 92

Published since 1976, CRIT is the journal of the AIAS and the premier publication of students in architecture, design, and associated fields. As a co-editor, I designed and edited the publication.

Editorial + Design
September 14, 2023
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Crit 92

This project was completed in spring 2023 and began in 2022. As a co-editor, I was responsible for editing several pieces directly and oversaw the design, mockup, and layout of this journal.

In this 92nd volume of CRIT, the publication of the American Institute for ArchitectureStudents (AIAS), we delve into the diverse ways in which ‘revival’ manifests itself in the realm of architecture. Revival, in its essence, is a powerful force that breathes new life into the old, resurrecting forgotten ideas, and reinvigorating stagnant perspectives. It is an exploration of the past, a celebration of heritage, and a catalyst for change. From historical references and contemporary reinterpretations with lenses from adaptive reuse to school redesign, revival also takes on a personal and introspective dimension.

Moreover, revival extends beyond architectural form and function. It permeates the broader discourse of sustainability, preservation, and adaptive reuse. As we face pressing global challenges, such as climate change and the need for equitable spaces, revival invites us to reimagine our built environment with a lens of regeneration and resilience. Above all, revival is a reminder to reflect on our own journeys as architecture students and professionals, to revive our passion, and to rediscover our purpose. As we navigate an ever-changing world, it is crucial to pause and re-connect with the core values that initially drew us to this discipline.