Jing Culture & Crypto

Working as an editorial intern, I wrote, pitched, and conducted interviews with key players in the Web3 and Crypto space.

September 20, 2022
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Jing Culture & Crypto

I pitched and wrote stories related to Web3, culture, and technology in the cultural space, writing stories as assigned for Jing Culture & Crypto (JCC) and later for Jing Finance. I also assisted with social media posts, following up to inquiries and providing research assistance to the editorial team. Further, I also conducted intensive brand research to inform my writing pieces, including pieces on ‘decoding’ technology. Lastly, I interviewed, transcribed, and edited interviews with major Web3 influencers, artists, and entrepreneuers in the fashion, business, and NFT spaces.

Over my first 11 months at JCC, I produced about 70 pieces. Here's a selection, oldest to newest:

  1. Exceptions, Not Norms: What Decolonizing Museum Practices Could Look Like
  2. Decoded: Museums In The Metaverse
  3. How Interoperability Is Unlocking An Open Metaverse Culture And Future
  4. CyberPowWow: Honoring An Indigenous Created Cyberspace
  5. “Generations,” A Trans-Media Exhibition of NFTs and Quilting


  1. Exclusive Q&A: 3D Artist Andre Oshea
  2. Exclusive Q&A: Case Simmons Launches NFT Collection On Web3 Platform Wild
  3. Exclusive Q&A: How Gmoney Is Building a Luxury NFT Brand
  4. Q&A: Alice Delahunt, Founder and CEO of Next Gen Fashion Platform SYKY

You can see my full writing portfolio here or on JCC's website, below.