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As a TEDx license holder and primary organizer since 2018, I have a deep commitment to fostering intellectual exploration and meaningful discourse within my local community, as well as meticulous production oversight of the event.

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TEDx Event Production‍

TEDx is a grassroots initiative created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research & discover “ideas worth spreading.” TEDx events include live speakers & recorded TED Talks, & are organized independently under a free license granted by TED. These events are not controlled by TED, but event organizers agree to abide by the TEDx format, & are offered guidelines for curation, speaker coaching, event organizing & more. You can read more about TED here.

As the license holder & primary organizer for TEDx Boston University (TEDxBU), my role has been defined by a commitment to fostering intellectual exploration & meaningful discourse within our university community.

Over the years, I have orchestrated & meticulously managed the production & execution of several TEDx events & salons, including TEDxPhillipsExeterAcademy in 2018 & 2019, & TEDxBU in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023/4 (each academic year).

My responsibilities encompassed the comprehensive coordination of these events: from assembling & leading the TEDx team to fostering seamless collaboration among various departments. A pivotal aspect of my role has been curating a diverse & inspiring lineup of speakers who embody the TEDx spirit of "ideas worth spreading."

Furthermore, I have diligently worked to secure funding resources, ensuring the sustainability & success of these thought-provoking gatherings. In addition to our main TEDx events, I have also spearheaded three TEDxBU Salons in April 2021, December 2022, & January 2023, providing even more opportunities for our community to engage with captivating ideas. Moreover, I facilitated an enduring partnership between TEDxBU & the Howard Thurman Center at Boston University to ensure that TEDxBU will be hosted in an environment where it can thrive & continue to provide invaluable speaker support resources.

My journey as a TEDx organizer has been dedicated to fostering an intellectual haven where ideas flourish & shape the future. I aim to do these events indefinitely into the future.

I've compiled a TEDx Handbook for organizers based on my personal experience as an organizer which includes form screenshots, suggestions on organizations, & general commentary about how to approach rehearsals, & more. You can find this below.

Additionally, you can find the playlists for each of the events described below:

  1. TEDxPEA 2018
  2. TEDxPEA 2019
  3. TEDxBU 2020
  4. TEDxBU 2021
  5. TEDxBU 2022

TEDx Handbook